Plan The Perfect Party

Hosting kids parties every weekend has given me lots of experience with discovering  some super simple tips that will help ensure your party runs smoothly


Kids love balloons but it’s best to use them as colourful decoration on the tables or walls.  If there are loose balloons on the floor then these can be very distracting because some children will focus on these rather than the activities and therefore won’t enjoy the entertainment fully.

Children’s Toys

Children love them but giving children whistles, squeakers or any other noise makers during the party can really make the party very loud, distracting and hectic.  Keep these in the party bags and hand them out at the end. 

Again to avoid distractions If the venue has any toys, if you can, try put them away or cover them with something.


It’s always a good idea to stick to the basics for kids.  Prepare foods you can set up ahead of time and serve at room temperature.  You can’t go wrong with mini sandwiches, pizza, cakes, sweets, crisps, popcorn etc. 

I’m a big fan of party food boxes.  You can purchase these boxes on ebay pretty cheap and in all different designs.  It makes preparing the food beforehand really easy, handing out the food is a lot quicker, there is much less waste and it’s easier to clear up, yay!  Also if a child has an allergy you can write their name on the box to ensure they get the correct food


I recommend sending invitations out a few weeks in advance if you can so your guests save the date.  If you send invitations out too late guests may not be able to come and too early parents may forget about the event.

Party Location

Some venues such as village halls can be really difficult to find so if you think this may be the case make sure everyone has clear directions.  Giving landmarks of where the venue is next to or near will also help to ensure everyone can easily find the location.

Lots of people use sat nav including me. If you know of any issues finding the venue with sat nav let everyone know.

It’s also handy to pop a balloon or banner on the door or gate outside to make it easy for guests to know exactly where to go.


Try to have a parking space near the front door. I have a lot of equipment that I bring along with me to load and unload. Not having an available space can mean I will have to park quite a distance away which could cause delays.  Please let me know if parking will be an issue.


Have a designated area to put your guests presents.  This can be a specific table or often parents pop them under a table. This ensures all the presents are kept together.

Bouncy Castles

I’ll keep the children entertained throughout therefore it’s highly recommended that you do not hire a bouncy castle or any other play equipment because there will be two things competing for the children’s attention which means they will not be able to enjoy either of them fully.

Get Involved

Feel free to get involved. Adults joining into the games will create a wonderful atmosphere and can particularly help the shyer or younger kids to settle.

A party in the house or in a venue?

If you plan on having a large party a hall type venue is more practical and is much easier to clean up afterwards, however holding the party in your home is a good option if you are inviting a smaller number of children and will save you the cost of hiring a hall.

If you opt to have your party at home make sure the size of space available is suitable for the number of children attending so that all children have space to participate in the games without any accidents. It’s a good idea to clear the space as much as possible including rugs, standing lamps and ornaments. Also clear away toys and other potential distractions for children to play with.

I’ll just need to be next to a plug socket for my equipment and we’re ready to go :).