Top Tips For a ‘Go Fun’ Party

Balloons – Kids love balloons but it’s best to simply use them as colourful decorations.  If there are loose balloons then these will be very distracting because some children will focus on these rather than the activities and therefore won’t enjoy the entertainment fully.

Bouncy castles – Miss Fun will keep children entertained throughout therefore its highly recommended that you do not hire a bouncy castle or any other play equipment because there will be two things competing for the children’s attention which means they will not be able to enjoy either of them fully.

Get involved – Adults joining into some of the games will help to create a wonderful atmosphere and can particularly help the shyer or younger kids to settle.

Home Parties – if you opt to have your party at home make sure the size of space available is suitable for the number of children attending so that all children have space to participate in the games without any accidents.