Laughter & Candy

Let the fun commence!

We begin with a quick intro and two fun choreographed dances to warm up. 

Funny magic show

Full of laughter and giggles, the magic show is fully interactive, all the children are involved all the way through. I will always make sure that the party child gets to help with a special trick. This takes us up to the end of the first hour.

Candy floss

This option includes candy floss on sticks after party food. The candy floss is always a big hit.  Children just seem to be amazed when they see the pink fluffy floss being made and the smiles I have seen from handing children their candy floss have just been so big.


With this option I’ll bring in an extra GO FUN party person to help me when I serve the floss for health and safety purposes. 

Finish on a high

Around 15-20mins before the party ends I’ll gather all the children together to sing happy birthday/bring in the cake, we’ll play pass the parcel and end with a final dance and a group photo.